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I have no experience in fused glass; can I still take a class at your studio?
Of course! Our classes are designed so that no prior experience is needed for most of our classes. An instructor is with you step-by-step to show you the way.
I don't have a creative bone in my body and don't know what to make, can I still take a class?
Yes! We have lots of ideas and an entire gallery of inspiration to see. Our instructors will work with you to create a design that you will love. We all have creativity, just relax and have fun; the creativity will follow. Google, Pinterest and Etsy also have lots and lots of ideas to show you. Feel free to bring in a sketch, color swatch or a picture for inspiration!
I want to bring a group of friends for a class but we don't all want to make the same thing. Can we choose different projects in the same class?
You betcha! We keep our classes very "open-style". We'll teach you the basics of fused glass, which you can apply to any of our project options, so everyone can choose something different.
How far in advance should I schedule my class? Do I need to put down a deposit or pay ahead?
For best pick on date and time, call as soon as you know what date you want. On average, about 2 weeks in advance will allow a pretty open schedule, generally. If you aren't too picky on times, we can usually take you on the same day you call. No deposit needed, just the date, time and approximate number of people. Please contact us at least 48 hours in advance to cancel. We would appreciate you keeping your appointment if at all possible after that time.
I see your class menu has a lot of projects to choose from in a wide range of prices; are there any additional fees for the class itself or is everything included?
We base the class price on the size project you choose. All basic materials, instructions and firing/finishing are already included in the price. We let you choose from dozens and dozens of different colors including powdered, chipped and sheet glass. We do offer some additional specialty items (pattern glass, rods, etc) as an option for an additional fee, but these items are not required or needed in any of our projects.
Can I make more than one project in a class?
Yes, you can make as many projects as you like. We won't stop you. Hopefully you will be able to stop yourself! Is there such thing as too much art? I don't think so!
I am from out of town, but would like to take a class; can you ship me my finished project if I can't pick it up?
We sure can! Fused glass is pretty durable and ships well. Once your project is completed we can ship it directly to you.
I see all that your classes take one week to get your projects back and finished. I need it sooner than that, can it be rushed?
Good things come to those who wait, but on occasion we can hurry the process along a bit depending on the projects you choose; sometimes as little as two days. We cannot guarantee it, but we will do our best to meet your needs.
Can we bring food or drinks?
Yup, but only for scheduled classes or private parties, not walk-ins. We have a partial kitchen and plenty of space to have a spread of delicious goodies. Bring your own or feel free to have your event catered. Just let us know in advance, please.
I have an idea for a project that I don't see on your menu of options; can I still come create?
We try our best to be as accommodating as we can, and have the ability to meet most fusing needs, but there are always limitations. Feel free to call or email with any special requests.
I have no time during the day, do you offer evening classes?
Yes, classes are available every day starting at 10am and as late as 7pm, 7 days a week: schedule permitting.
Is fused glass safe to work with?
Yes, fused glass is a very safe medium. There is no heat involved in the design process, so no worries about burning yourself and no time requirements. The fused glass sheets are made of glass (of course) and can be sharp, but we review all safety precautions and rules for all students. Safety gloves are required for all adult classes and a basic waiver form is required to be signed by all participants in all classes. Please click here for a copy of the waiver form.
Any dress requirements I need to know?
We only ask that you wear close-toed shoes, no sandals please. Safety gloves are required and made available. Safety eyewear is also available upon request.
My child is only nine years old, but I see that your minimum age for the Cut & Layer is age 10. Can they still participate in the adult classes?
The main reason for the age requirement is not maturity or creativity, but hand strength, coordination and the ability to follow direction. The strength and coordination required usually are developed by age 10, but of course this varies from child to child. We suggest they start with the Lil' Chips Class and we will administer a tool test to see if your child is ready for the next level: Cut & Layer Class.
I have younger kids and older kids. Can we mix the Lil' Chips Class and the Cut & Layer Class together?
We do not recommend mixing the styles of classes together. The time difference means there will be a wide time gap between when the students will finish their projects. I would suggest everyone participate together in a Lil Chips class: it's fun for everyone! Minimum age is 4 - please trust our experience and understand that younger children should not handle the glass.
I love the idea of having an event at your studio, but not for a class. Do you offer your facility for use other than classes? (private party, group meeting etc)
Ain't no party like a Copper Moon Party! Yes, we can offer the facility for other events besides our classes. Please contact us with your event details and we will see if our facility can accommodate your party.

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